2016 89th Annual Bacardi Cup Miami Final Results

Eric Doyle/Payson Infelise and Paul Cayard/Brian Fatih in 18 knots

For the die-hard Star fans and sailors, we know the history of the Bacardi Cup. Why is the Bacardi Cup such a “Big Deal”? The Bacardi Cup and the Star World Championship are the two most important regattas on the Star Class Race Calendar and draw sailors from around the world. Very few class can claim such caliber and numbers of sailors.

Saturday marked the conclusion the 89th Annual Bacardi Cup in Miami, FL. 68 Teams finished the 6 day event. For a full regatta report written by Paul Cayard who incidentally finished 4th overall with crewman Brian Fatih, visit the Star Class website. Visit Paul’s sailing website to see other regatta reports as well.

Here are the podium winners:

German team of Robert Stanjek and Frithjof Kleen crowned as the winners of the Bacardi Cup with Italian team Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi  finishing 2nd, finally, USA team Augie Diaz with Brazilian crewman Bruno Prada finishing 3rd overall.

Top 20 competitors at the 89th Annual Bacardi Cup:

Place Skipper Crew Sail #: Total
1 Robert Stanjek Frithjof Kleen GER 8340 8
2 Diego Negri Sergio Lambertenghi ITA 8497 9
3 Augie Diaz Bruno Prada USA 8465 20
4 Paul Cayard Brian Fatih USA 8506 28
5 Torben Grael Guilherme Almeida BRA 8510 30
6 Brad Funk Mark Strube USA 7829 31
7 Peter Vessella Phil Trinter USA 8496 35
8 Brian Ledbetter Josh Revkin USA 8203 42
9 George Szabo Isao Toyama USA 8320 45
10 Eric Doyle Payson Infelise USA 8323 47
11 Lars Grael Samuel Gonçalves BRA 8474 49
12 Reinhard Schmidt Uli Seeberger GER 8427 60
13 Tom Loefstedt Jespere Sundman SWE 8446 67
14 Torkel Borgstrom Juan Pablo Engelhard ARG 8502 73
15 Jack Jennings Brendan Larrabee USA 8464 79
16 Arthur Anosov Edward Morey USA 8000 83
17 John Maccausland Dave Caesar USA 8490 84
18 Tomas Hornos Roman Gotsulyak USA 8229 87
19 Andrew Macdonald Brad Nichol USA 8250 90
20 Gautschi Christoph Niels Holweg SUI 8409 92