2018 District 5 Star Class Regatta Schedule

We have an exciting schedule this year, jam-packed with Star sailing. With the North American Champion, hosted by CYC in August, expect a lot more boats coming out for all regattas.

Feb 3-4, 2018 5 District 5 Brown Star


Feb 10-11, 2018 5 SCYA Midwinters

California YC



May 26-27, 2018 5 Rollins Bowl

San Diego YC

Jun 16-17, 2018 5 Baxter Bowl

Newport Harbor YC

Jul 14-15, 2018 5 Lipton Cup

Santa Barbara YC

Aug 14-19, 2018 5 2018 North American Championship

California Yacht Club

Nov 10-11, 2018 5 Ed Sprague Memorial Regatta

San Diego YC

King of Spain Regatta


District 5

Pl Sail# Skipper Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
1 8323 Eric Doyle Payson Infelise SDYC 1 2 2 3 2 1 8
2 8320 George Szabo Isao Toyama SDYC 3 3 1 4 1 9 12
3 8082 Ben Mitchell Hal Haenel SDYC 2 5 3 1 8 2 13
4 8362 Daniel Cayard Paul Cayard StFYC 5 1 5 2 4 5 17
5 8306 Jim Buckingham Craig Moss NHYC 8 4 6 5 5 3 23
6 8072 Douglas Smith Brian O’Mahoney StFYC 4 11 7 11 7 4 33
7 7294 Carlos Beek Carlito Bourbon NHYC 7 10 4 6 10 8 35
8 8088 Steve Gould Greg Sieck StFYC 14 RET 7 9 10 3 7 36
9 8163 Jon Pelliconi Henry Brawner CYC 9 6 14 OCS 8 6 11 40
10 8275 Nick Madigan David Wood NHYC 6 9 10 9 11 6 40
11 8006 Rick Peters Myles Pritchard CYC 10 8 14 OCS 7 9 14 DNF 48
12 8065 Doug Steele Erick Lange CYC 11 12 8 12 12 10 53
13 7444 Jon Massaro Jim Alexander 14 OCS 13 11 13 13 14 DNF 64

District 5 Championship

All 15 teams were back out on the Santa Monica Bay today for the final three races of the District 5 Championship.

The conditions for race 4 (first of today) were 9 knots from the southwest, sunshine and smooth seas. Danny and I had a good start down at the left end of the line. We managed to get to the first mark first. Down the run we got in a bad lane and Ben Mitchell with Hollywood Hal crewing got past us.  We caught them just before the top mark but did not quite get around them. Results of race 4 was Mitchell, Cayard, Dave Watt, Doyle and Szabo so the battle for the championship was getting tight.

Race 5 saw Szabo and Doyle take first and second while Steve Gould and Greg Seek sail a great race, leading at the first Mark and finishing third. Danny and I were 4th with Jim Buckingham in 5th.

Going into the final race, Szabo and Doyle were one point apart but it was a who beat who. Mitchell and Cayard were tied for third.  Szabo and Doyle got out front early and Szabo held the lead. Danny and I were in the top 4 at the first mark while Mitchell was in 12th.

Up the second windward leg, a block in our main sheet system broke and I had to go to the aft deck and implement a bit of seamanship. That cost us a few places including Mitchell who was going fast in the 12 knots of wind.

On the final run, while winning the race and Championship, Szabo’s boat rolled hard on a wave and he lost his crew overboard. Doyle sailed by and went on to win the race and the Championship. Mitchell and Haenel finished 3rd while Danny and I finished 6th.

Overall District 5 Championship::

  1. Doyle, 2) Szabo, 3) Mitchell, 4) Cayard, 5) Buckingham.

I am headed to Boston to join my team on Phoenix, a TP52, for the New York Yacht Club Race Week.


King Of Spain & District 5 Blue Star

Marina Del Rey

15 teams showed up to contest the 5th District Championship which is being held concurrently with the King of Spain regatta, an annual So Cal classic.

Three races were schedule for today and we had  7-10 knots of wind from the southwest with a gentle swell. The fog line moved over and receded from the race course several times during the day. This produced 20 degree oscillations which gave opportunity to all.

Eric Doyle led the way with scores of 1, 2, 2. In the second race Eric had the race well in hand after the first lap. Danny Cayard rounded the gates in 6th after the first run and headed left. The wind went his way and he rounded the second windward mark on Doyle’s heels. There was a good tussle down the final run with George Szabo getting into the mix. At the finish, it was the youngest skipper In the fleet taking the gun. His father was his happy crew!

In race three, George Szabo got left from the start and held the lead wire to wire. Ben Mitchell with Hollywood Hal had a good day with a 2, 6, 3 and are in third place behind Doyle and Szabo. Young Mr. Cayard is in 4th with Eugenio Cingolani and Hoss in 5th.

Three more races are scheduled for Sunday. The forecast is more of the same.



2016 Baxter Bowl Regatta Father’s Day

The Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosted the 2016 Baxter Bowl Regatta Father’s Day Weekend. Six races were sailed over two days in beautiful but tricky sailing conditions.

Day one was dominated by the team of Eric Doyle and Payson Infelise who started strong with three bullets in the 10-14 knot westerly with heavy chop and swells. Once ashore the fleet enjoyed sliders and a keg provided by NHYC and decided Eric and Payson must sail with a bailer tied to their rudder for the second day.

Day two brought expectations of more wind and seas, but shortly after the start the wind shut off leaving crews battling up current in shifty wind and pounding waves. The race committee shortened the race and re-set the course as they saw new breeze coming. The fifth and sixth races were sailed in a building 14-18 knot westerly with big swells providing for great surfing off the wind.

Andy Macdonald and Brad Nichol won day two with a 1, 1, 4, but Eric Doyle and Payson Infelise prevailed after shaking off a 10th place in the first race to win the final race and the regatta. Macdonald/Nichol finished one point back in second with locals Jim Buckingham and Craig Moss in third. In fourth place was the father/stepson team of Ben Mitchell/Julian Busch and fifth was the son/father team of Danny and Paul Cayard.

Thank you to the NHYC race committee who ran a great event getting six races completed with multiple line adjustments and course changes. On shore refreshments were appreciated by the sailors.



54th Rollins Bowl Regatta

We are starting the D5 Star season with the 54th edition of the Rollins Bowl Regatta on May 21/22 at the San Diego Yacht Club. We have 5 teams that already signed up and it seems that we will have 16 or more boats on the line. We encourage you to sign up before the deadline at http://sdyc.org/calendar/events/4473/ .

Also save the date for the annual Rollins Bowl party at the home of Ruth Rollins on Saturday. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks beginning at 6:00 PM Buffet Dinner at 7:00 PM. RSVP to Ruth Rollins (619) 222-9344[email protected]

If you need help towing your boat to SDYC, Rick Peters is available to take your boat.

In case you wonder who won last year, who is the guy to beat, check last year results http://www.starclass.org/search2.cgi?Action=view&Event_id=3362

Some other D5 websites to check.



See you all in SDYC

2016 89th Annual Bacardi Cup Miami Final Results

Eric Doyle/Payson Infelise and Paul Cayard/Brian Fatih in 18 knots

For the die-hard Star fans and sailors, we know the history of the Bacardi Cup. Why is the Bacardi Cup such a “Big Deal”? The Bacardi Cup and the Star World Championship are the two most important regattas on the Star Class Race Calendar and draw sailors from around the world. Very few class can claim such caliber and numbers of sailors.

Saturday marked the conclusion the 89th Annual Bacardi Cup in Miami, FL. 68 Teams finished the 6 day event. For a full regatta report written by Paul Cayard who incidentally finished 4th overall with crewman Brian Fatih, visit the Star Class website. Visit Paul’s sailing website to see other regatta reports as well.

Here are the podium winners:

German team of Robert Stanjek and Frithjof Kleen crowned as the winners of the Bacardi Cup with Italian team Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi  finishing 2nd, finally, USA team Augie Diaz with Brazilian crewman Bruno Prada finishing 3rd overall.

Top 20 competitors at the 89th Annual Bacardi Cup:

Place Skipper Crew Sail #: Total
1 Robert Stanjek Frithjof Kleen GER 8340 8
2 Diego Negri Sergio Lambertenghi ITA 8497 9
3 Augie Diaz Bruno Prada USA 8465 20
4 Paul Cayard Brian Fatih USA 8506 28
5 Torben Grael Guilherme Almeida BRA 8510 30
6 Brad Funk Mark Strube USA 7829 31
7 Peter Vessella Phil Trinter USA 8496 35
8 Brian Ledbetter Josh Revkin USA 8203 42
9 George Szabo Isao Toyama USA 8320 45
10 Eric Doyle Payson Infelise USA 8323 47
11 Lars Grael Samuel Gonçalves BRA 8474 49
12 Reinhard Schmidt Uli Seeberger GER 8427 60
13 Tom Loefstedt Jespere Sundman SWE 8446 67
14 Torkel Borgstrom Juan Pablo Engelhard ARG 8502 73
15 Jack Jennings Brendan Larrabee USA 8464 79
16 Arthur Anosov Edward Morey USA 8000 83
17 John Maccausland Dave Caesar USA 8490 84
18 Tomas Hornos Roman Gotsulyak USA 8229 87
19 Andrew Macdonald Brad Nichol USA 8250 90
20 Gautschi Christoph Niels Holweg SUI 8409 92

Day 2 Final Results of 87th Annual SCYA Midwinter

Day 2 Results of 87th Annual SCYA Midwinter

SCYA Midwinter Regatta at CYC This weekend!

Alejandro and Crew

Come and join the fun – be part of the 87th Annual SCYA Midwinter Regatta. In 2016, California Yacht Club invites the following classes to race: Martin 242, Star, J/80, J/24, Tartan 101 and J/109.

Competitors must file a CYC Entry Form along with the SCYA Midwinter Entry Form (the CYC Entry is online, please drop off or mail the SCYA form to CYC at 4469 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, the SCYA form may also be faxed to 310.822.3658). Deadline for entries will be 1900 hours on Friday, February 19th.

After racing on both Saturday and Sunday, sailors can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and a no-host bar at the club. And don’t forget to pick up a Midwinter t-shirt.

SCYA Midwinter Regatta sponsors: West Marine, North Sails, Quantum Sail Design Group, Ullman Sails, Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race, The Mariner, The Log and Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group.

Please contact dockmaster Evan Davis at [email protected] or 310.823.4567 for questions regarding mooring, launching or storage.

2016 District 5 and Star Class Calendar

It’s a special year anytime the Star Worlds come to the US. This time the Star Worlds will be in Miami hosted by Coral Reef Yacht Club April 7th through 17th. What this means is many boats usually in California for the spring regattas will be in Miami.

Another import regatta to note is the North American Championship hosted by Chicago Yacht Club September 27th – October 2nd.


2016 District 5 Calendar

District 5 2016 Midwinters 02/20/2016  –  02/21/2016
District 5 2016 Rollins Bowl 05/21/2016  –  05/22/2016
District 5 2016 Cal Race Week 06/04/2016  –  06/05/2016
District 5 2016 Baxter Bowl 06/18/2016  –  06/19/2016
District 5 2016 King of Spain 07/09/2016  –  07/10/2016
District 5 2016 Sr.Thomas Lipton Cup 08/13/2016  –  08/14/2016

2016 Championship Calendar

ISCYRA 2016 Star Worlds 04/07/2016 – 04/17/2016
ISCYRA 2016 Star European Championship 07/12/2016 – 07/17/2016
ISCYRA 2016 South American Championship 07/27/2016 – 07/31/2016
ISCYRA 2016 Eastern Hemisphere Championship 08/30/2016 – 09/04/2016
ISCYRA 2016 North American Championship 09/27/2016 – 10/02/2016
ISCYRA 2017 Star World Championship 07/01/2017 – 07/08/2017

Please note, always verify regatta dates at the Star Class website.